Friday, December 19, 2014

Don't Forget the Bus Drivers!

Hello Friends!
I tend to spend way too much time making really "fancy" Christmas cards . . . according to my 9 year old son. He is my biggest fan and I just love that, but he's right. After making almost 50 cards this year, I started getting a little more simple this week as I finish the last few. I took some really pretty scrapbook paper and punched a 2.5 inch circle near the top and placed in the center a glittery snowflake chipboard piece I've been hoarding. It took minutes to whip these together and you know what . . . they are a little "fancy" looking I think. I was please with the little time it took to still make a pretty card. I won't be posting the products used for these cards pictured above because they are from last year and retired . . . but you get the idea at least and maybe can use up some supplies you have on hand with this layout.
I had planned to blog way more than I have this holiday season, but the time just flew. New Year's resolution . . . more blog posts!  Look forward to that!
Lastly, don't forget to send a card with your child to give to the bus driver this holiday season. Our bus driver is amazing!  As a child, I had to wait outside in the cold & rain because if you weren't out there, they would drive by. Our bus driver allows Brandon to wait inside the house and if they don't see him coming when they pull up, they will honk the horn. Lucky Brandon! They also have to deal with all the kids personalities and nasty weather. I have an appreciation for what they do. I enclose a little gift card with the card as well.
Enjoy this last weekend before Christmas! 

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