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My Top 10 Card Making Tips

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My Top 10 Card Making Tips
By Nicola Ray

Card making doesn't have to be complicated, in fact, it's one of the easiest crafts to start, since you've got most of the things you need already in the home. Whenever you're starting though a few simple tips will go along way and these card making tips for beginners will set you on the right foot.

1. Keep a notepad of your ideas and take it with you everywhere. You never know when an idea may strike! Pop it by the bed at night as well - late at night and early morning are often times when ideas will come to you.

2. Inspiration comes from anywhere. From fabrics and furnishings to papers and greeting cards. Sometimes looking at what other card makers are doing will give you inspiration too.

3. You don't need lots of fancy equipment - just an ordinary pair of household scissors, a ruler and some card to cut on (it will protect your table). So don't spend a fortune, unless you're going to make it a long term hobby!

4. Using repositionable adhesive will make your card making easy. It allows you to move your paper and embellishments around the card to ensure you've got it just right.

5. Try making your own embellishments with beads, crystals and ribbons. They'll make your cards chic and unique.

6. Experiment with using different areas of the card. The main focal point doesn't always have to be in the centre of the card. Think about using the left hand side, bottom or even top of the card.

7. With your designs, less is often best. If you over do the bits and pieces on your invitation, it will look too much. Less is more and definitely so for elegant greetings cards!

8. Collect bits and pieces from the cards you get given. You can then build up a stock of pretty embellishments to use on your own cards later.

9. Think about 3D effects. You can use foam sheet adhesive to add a little bit of height to your embellishments - then they'll really stand out on the page.

10. Don't throw anything away! You'll be able to use all your bits of paper and left over ribbons and embellishments for other cards. Keep them safe as you will be able to use them again!

Nicola Ray is the editor of Wedding Invitation Ideas where you can design, create and make your own wedding invitations. With free wedding invitation templates, step-by-step instructions and lots of stunning designs, it's the perfect place to start. You can find more articles like this one in the Card Making Tips section.

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