Thursday, May 8, 2008

My Blog Has A New Look!

So what do you think of my new banner? A little more exciting, isn't it? Thank you Denise at She is awesome!!!

Speaking of awesome people, my good friend Jan recently went to the Vera Bradley Trunk Show in Indy. She was kind enough to take my order and brought me back some goodies for myself and another friend of mine. I made her this thank you card I'm sending out tomorrow. I just can't get enough of these Changito's. I want them all!!! Anyways, Jan has a heart of gold and I appreciate her kindness. She is the regional director of Make-A-Wish Foundation here in Erie. The stories she tells about her work are so heartwarming.

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday! I am taking my son for some updated pictures on Saturday. He's coming up on 2 1/2. Where does the time go? I took this picture yesterday while we were playing outside. He looks so grown up!

Have a wonderful Friday and I'll be posting stuff this weekend! Check back soon or subscribe to my blog to get notified when I update my blog!!



Anonymous said...

Great banner! Enjoy the weekend with your little boy. Kids are constantly changing, so the photos you are capturing will be terrific to scrapbook and look back on -- even in just a few years.

Rochelle W said...

I like your banner. I didn't see the old one but I sure like the new one. Great card too. I almost bought that monkey stamp. I knew I should have got it, your card is super cute.